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Fall arrest harnesses, anchors, create a safety system that provides security for rooftop workers.




302805: Caution Safety Tape 3"X300 14001; click to enlarge
Caution Safety Tape 3"X300' 14001 (302805)
Acro Rake Edge Guardrail Bracket (ACREGB)
Mfr Part #: 12075B
ACREGS: Acro Rake Edge Guardrail System; click to enlarge
Acro Rake Edge Guardrail System (ACREGS)
Mfr Part #: 12075
Broner Hard Hat MSA V-Guard Yell Wimsatt (BRHHW)
Mfr Part #: 50-71
Broner Yellow Vest 2XL/3XL Mesh Wimsatt (BRYVW)
Mfr Part #: 49-70
GUBRRA: Guardian Bull Ring Removable Anchor; click to enlarge
Guardian Bull Ring Removable Anchor (GUBRRA)
Gaurdian Pitch Pro Roof Anchor Black (GUPPRABL)
Gaurdian Pitch Pro Roof Anchor Brown (GUPPRABR)
Gaurdian Pitch Pro Roof Anchor Gray (GUPPRAGR)
Mfr Part #: 10543
GURGRS: Guardian Residential Guardrail System; click to enlarge
Guardian Residential Guardrail System (GURGRS)
Mfr Part #: 15173
MI Safety Roof Anchor Perm 2X4-2X8 (MISRAP48)
100 Pcs/Ctn
Perimeter Safety Flag Line Yellow 100Ft (PSFLYE100)
Werner 35' Rope Lifeline Wimsatt (WE35RLW)
Mfr Part #: L201035
WEBWUH: Werner Base Wear Universal Harness; click to enlarge
Werner Base Wear Universal Harness (WEBWUH)
Mfr Part #: H411002
Werner Cross Arm Strap 3' Wimsatt (WECAS3W)
Mfr Part #: A111003
Werner DeCoil Lanyard Wimsatt (WEDLW)
Werner Harness M-L Wimsatt (WEHAWML)
Werner Harness S Wimsatt (WEHAWS)
Werner Harness XL Wimsatt (WEHAWXL)
Werner Harness XXL Wimsatt (WEHAWXXL)
WEPRA18: Werner Permanent Roof Anchor; click to enlarge
Werner Permanent Roof Anchor (WEPRA18)
Mfr Part #: A220300
Werner Replacement Backpack Bag Wimsatt (WERBBW)
Mfr Part #: K120002
WERSKD: Werner Roofers Safety Kit Duffle Bag; click to enlarge
Werner Roofers Safety Kit Duffle Bag (WERSKD)
Mfr Part #: K111204
Werner Roofers Safety Kit W/Bag Wimsatt (WERSKW)
Mfr Part #: K111205
WETRRA: Werner Tempered Reusable Roof Anchor; click to enlarge
Werner Tempered Reusable Roof Anchor (WETRRA)
Mfr Part #: A210400
The color images shown may differ from the actual products due to variances in digital representation and printing technology.

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