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Cedar Shingle Nails, Double-Dipped click to enlarge
Maze Nails


These slender, stiff nails resist splitting, bending and effectively resist rust. They conform to size and specification of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. The extra-sharp points ''stick'' easily into shakes and shingles for quick and easy application by roofing professionals. Nails should be long enough to penetrate sheathing at least 3/4''. Use two nails only per shake or shingle 3/4'' to 1'' from edge and 1-1/2'' to 2'' above the butt line of the next course. Nails should be driven flush, but not so far that the nail head crushes the wood. These STORMGUARD Nails are Double Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated to insure dependable corrosion-resistance. Cedar Shingle and Shake Nails have been in continuous production by the W.H. Maze Co. for well over 100 years.

  • 4d - 1-1/2" for shingles
  • 5d - 1-3/4" for medium shakes
  • 6d - 2" for heavy shakes



Maze 4D D/D Cedar Shingle Nail 5# (R113)

Maze 5D D/D Cedar Shingle Nail 5# (R114)

Maze 5D D/D Cedar Shingle Nail 50# (R11450)

Maze 6D D/D Cedar Shingle Nail 5# (R115)

Maze 6D D/D Cedar Shingle Nail 50# (R11550)

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