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Hunter Coolvent Nailbase Insulation Hunter Coolvent Nailbase Insulation
Hunter Panels,LLC


Cool-Vent is a venting composite insulation board that consists of a 4' x 8' panel of NexGen Chemistry polyiso, a middle layer of solid wood spacers and a top layer of APA/TECO rated OSB or plywood. Cool-Vent is the environmentally intelligent choice for steep slope roofing applications and is viable in green and sustainable building designs.

  • ASTM C1289-06, Type II, Class 1, Grade 2 (20 psi) or Grade 3 (25 psi)
  • FM4450, FM4470 (foam core only)
  • Hourly Rated P series roof assemblies (UL 263)
  • H-Shield classified by ULC
  • Insulated metal deck assemblies - UL 1256 (nos. 120, 123)




Hunter Coolvent Insul 2.5" 4X8 R 5.7 (HUCI2548)
608 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Coolvent Insul 3.0" 4X8 R 8.6 (HUCI3048)
512 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Coolvent Insul 3.5" 4X8 R11.4 (HUCI3548)
416 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Coolvent Insul 4.0" 4X8 R14.4 (HUCI4048)
384 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Coolvent Insul 4.5" 4X8 R17.4 (HUCI4548)
320 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Coolvent Insul 5.0" 4X8 R20.5 (HUCI5048)
288 SqFt/Unit

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