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Hunter H-Shield-NB Nailbase Insulation Hunter H-Shield-NB Nailbase Insulation
Hunter Panels,LLC


H-Shield-NB is a rigid roof insulation composite panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded during the manufacturing process to fiber reinforced facers on one side and either 7/16" or 5/8" oriented strand board (OSB) on the other, or manufactured off-line using an FM approved glueing adhesive.

  • ASTM C1289-06, Type V
  • Component of Class A Roof Systems (UL 790)
  • Hourly Rated P series roof assemblies (UL 263 foam core only)
  • Insulated metal deck assemblies - UL 1256 (nos. 120, 123)
  • H-Shield-NB classified by ULC
  • TGDY. R20624 Shingle Deck Accessory; H Shield-NB roof insulation is classified for use with any Class A, B, or C asphalt glass mat or asphalt organic shingles, metal or tile roof coverings
  • FM 4450, FM 4470 (Foam Core Only)
  • FM Class 1 approval for steel roof deck constructions, Class 1 Fire and 1-60 and 1-90 windstorm classification (FM 4450)




Hunter Nailbase Insul 1.5" 4X8 R 6.3 (HUNA1548)
1024 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Nailbase Insul 2.0" 4X8 R 9.2 (HUNA2048)
768 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Nailbase Insul 2.5" 4X8 R12.0 (HUNA2548)
608 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Nailbase Insul 3.0" 4X8 R15.0 (HUNA3048)
512 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Nailbase Insul 3.5" 4X8 R18.0 (HUNA3548)
416 SqFt/Unit

Hunter Nailbase Insul 4.0" 4X8 R21.1 (HUNA4048)
384 SqFt/Unit

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