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Mid States Asphalt


On a hot Built-Up Roof, the multiple plies are fused together using hot-mopped asphalt to create a monolithic barrier. Every inch is firmly and completely adhered over the entire roof area, without the need for ballast or fasteners. Available in 100# asphalt "tootsies" Type I - IV as well as 50# quick-melt bricks in melt-away wrappers.

  • Dead level asphalt Type 1 (no slope): Softening point 140-145 degrees
  • Flat asphalt Type 2 (0 to 2% slope - 1/4" to 12"): Softening point 165-175 degrees
  • Steep asphalt Type 3 (up to 2/12 slope): Softening point 195-205 degrees
  • Extra steep asphalt Type 4 (2/12 to 6/12 slope): Softening point 210-225 degrees
  • All products meet ASTM D312
  • Tootsies packaged in fibercartons
  • 50# bricks packaged in melt-away wrappers




MSASQMST: Mid-States Asphalt Quik-Melt Steep Type3; click to enlarge
Mid-States Asphalt Quik-Melt Steep Type3 (MSASQMST)
40 Bags/Plt
TRASST: Trumbull Asphalt Steep Type3 100#; click to enlarge
Trumbull Asphalt Steep Type3 100# (TRASST)
18 Ctn/Plt
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