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Foam Sheathing Square Edge

Foam Sheathing Square Edge click to enlarge


Square Edge is an extruded polystyrene foam insulation board with square edges on four sides. Offers superior water resistance, long-term thermal performance and high compressive strength.

  • Complies with ASTM C 578 Type IV. Meets IBC/IRC requirements for foam plastic insulation.
  • Und. Lab. Inc. Classified, see Classification Certificate D369.
  • Factory Mutual Approved - Subject to the conditions of Approval as a roof insulation when installed as described in the current edition of the FM Approval Guide



Green Guard SE 1/2"X4X8 R 3.0 (GGS1248)
160 Pcs/Unit

Green Guard SE 3/4"X4X8 R 4 (GGS3448)
126 Pcs/Unit

Polar WeatherAll Pro 1/2"X4X8 R2.00 (POWP1248)
192 Pcs/Unit

Polar WeatherAll Pro 1"X4X8 R3.85 (POWP148)
96 Pcs/Unit

POWP3448: Polar WeatherAll Pro 3/4"X4X8 R2.92; click to enlarge
POWP3448: Polar WeatherAll Pro 3/4"X4X8 R2.92; click to enlarge
Polar WeatherAll Pro 3/4"X4X8 R2.92 (POWP3448)
128 Pcs/Unit

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