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We built our business on the promise of reliable delivery, and it’s a reputation we take very seriously. That’s why we make such a great effort to ensure that you receive the professional, dependable service you deserve. From the rigorous maintenance of our fleet of late model trucks & equipment to the demanding nature of our training and safety programs, everything we do is geared towards making your delivery as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Below are just a few of the ways Wimsatt sets the Gold Standard for Delivery. Between us and the other building materials distributors out there, there’s a big difference... the Wimsatt Difference.

Punctual. Operations uses industry-leading Roadnet Technologies routing software, and all of our trucks are outfitted with GPS. This allows each of our branches’ dispatch teams to plan and track routes as efficiently as possible, obtain up-to-the-minute delivery times, and keep your deliveries on schedule.

Convenient. Our two-man delivery teams will rooftop your materials without assistance - your crew doesn’t even have to be there to catch. We deliver stone and deck jobs with tail-mounted forklifts, which allows us to place the pallets in multiple convenient locations around your jobsite. And we cover stone, fiber cement, and decking materials with weather-resistant shrouds to protect your materials at the jobsite. All these efforts are geared towards saving you time and money.

Capable. Our fleet includes semi-mounted cranes with an 84’ height and up to 72’ reach, allowing us to rooftop the large jobs that other companies can’t touch. No one reaches as high as Wimsatt - literally!

Safe. All of our rooftop workers wear safety harnesses and are properly secured to the roof or equipment, exceeding OSHA standards and ensuring that your materials are delivered safely.

Dependable. Each Wimsatt branch maintains a fleet of late-model boom trucks, conveyor trucks, tail-mounted forklifts, skytraks and semis which allows us to meet your delivery needs. Next AM delivery? No problem.